Our Llamas

Nimbus Thunderkat

Our first llama and the original namesake for our traveling llama business. He is the llama that started it all. Nimbus has been to many local libraries, community homes, assisted living centers and parties. He is the king of our herd. He is great with kids and adults of all ages.  He has a lot of spunk and pizzazz, is very stoic and regal and knows how to turn on the charm. 

When I was only a few months old, I broke my leg in a freak accident.  My humans rushed me to Cornell Veterinary Hospital, where I underwent emergency surgery. 

After my surgery, I had to wear a cast for many months. My muscles were atrophied, so my humans gave me plenty of physical therapy in the form of daily walks and exercises.

Whisker's Casanova

Whiskers Eternal Sunshine



Our Herd Sire

Gunnar the Kat

Our Momma Llamas Diamond (L) and Kyoko (R). 

Our First Cria!!!

Mavericks Lucky Penny 


We love to dress up for special events! Please invite me to yours!

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Our Angels

Maverick the Kat

Gone too soon. Our ever growing farm is named in his honor.